Case Studies

How we are changing the game.

Owned by Singerman Real Estate and Merriweather Companies, Griffin Club offers a range of social, fitness, recovery and racquet sports options that have driven it to become the premiere private family club membership LA County. The Club membership includes:
  • Private restaurant and Event Space
  • Outdoor Hideaway Bar
  • 8 LED lit tennis courts
  • 8 Pickleball courts
  • Family pool with 5 private cabanas
  • Adult/Resort pool with 4 private cabanas
  • State of the art fitness center and classes
  • Outdoor lawn for kids activities, private parties
With both a family pool, resort pool (adults only), and private cabanas at both, the outdoor Hideaway Bar has consistently been challenged to effectively service all its member constituents. Long wait lines have led to frustrated cabana members, who have paid extra for a elevated experience and greater privacy.
With staff shortages and continued margin shrinkage, the Griffin Club needed a low lift cost solution to aid them in servicing their members during high traffic days and weekends.
Introducing OhWaiter...
OHWAITER became the service solution.
  • Removed hassle, making the experience of booking a cabana feel like that of a VIP
  • No waiting in line
  • No waiting for a server
  • Immediate action and responsive service
  • Absolute privacy for the group
  • Allows staff to do their jobs fast, efficiently and without any misunderstanding as the order is laid out via text to the team
"OhWaiter completely changed the game for us and the service we are able to provide. On Fathers Day alone we were able to elevate and expand our offering where we saw a significant lift in spending and engagement. Since introducing OhWaiter, our cabana reservations have taken off."
Owned by Aurelio Martins and award winning Executive Chef Francisco Freirie, Bossa Nova’s story started in Salvador and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in the early 70’s when chef Francisco developed a curiosity in culinary while growing up in the northern state of Bahia, cooking alongside his grandparents during his young life. Now boasting 5 locations in greater Los Angeles, Bossa Nova has true drive to deliver the best of Brazilian and Continental culinary experience and service they can offer.
  • West Los Angeles
  • South Bay
  • Downtown Los Angeles
  • West Hollywood
  • Hollywood
With multiple prime locations in Los Angeles and continually winning Best Brazilian Cuisine in LA, this chain needed a stop gap and insurance plan so their customers never have long waits or a bad experience. Having great food comes great expectations, how could Bossa Nova insure they checked all the boxes and gave those who "chose" to visit them the absolute very best.
How could they make sure they didn't have long waits at the tables, always answering customers requests immediately. Being an award winning chain in Los Angeles they have high expections to meet at all 5 locations all the time.
Introducing OhWaiter...
OHWAITER became the service solution.
  • Removed waiting for a server: another drink, check please, more napkins, extra ketchup
  • Keep the award winning Brazilian cuisine always the focus of the dining experience
  • Brazilian food is complicated and requires the wait staff to understand the food and how it is cooked. OhWaiter allows the staff to do their jobs well and deliver to the customer the entire Brazilian dining experience
"At Bossa Nova, we have a true drive to deliver the best of Brazilian and Continental culinary experience and service we can possibly offer. By implementing OhWaiter to our dining experience we have given both our customers and staff the opportunity to just focus on what Brazilian food has to offer. OhWaiter is the extra service stop gap we needed "
Southern California hospitality, striking architecture, and historic charm come together at Hotel Carmel, where guests can enjoy affordable accommodations two blocks from the beach. This European-style boutique hotel has been welcoming visitors to Santa Monica since 1924 and is within easy reach of Venice, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and beyond. That said, this hotel is one of thousands across the US that do NOT have a kitchen. How can a prime Santa Monica, CA hotel not offer a dining option to its guest?
In 2021 Santa Monica, CA saw 3.5 million visitors, almost 75% more than in 2020 (for obvious reasons). When visiting a community like Santa Monica, and paying anywhere from $300-$350 for a single room, the travelers expectation is the hotel will cater to their every request.
Not having infrastructure for a kitchen or in-room dining, Hotel Carmel needed a solution. How could they, with simplicity and efficiency, deliver a proper dining experience to the guests they get the privilege to service while staying at Hotel Carmel.
Introducing OhWaiter...
OHWAITER became the service solution.
  • Be the solution that can deliver the direct access to dining with little to no complexity
  • Simple for the hotel guest, also a solution which does not require any additional overhead
  • Hotel Carmel reached out to its neighbor, the very popular restaurant in Santa Monica called Independence to discuss the challenge they were facing
  • Because of OhWaiter, the Independence was able to become part of the solution utilizing OhWaiter
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