Benefits & Pricing

Your bottom line will love it as much as your customers!

How OhWaiter Benefits Your Customers, Staff, and Business

Universally Available

Over 90% of the US population uses a smart phone and they’re texting 50-100 times per day. OhWaiter simply allows your guests to text their requests to your staff.

Easy to Use

No App to download. It is as easy as texting. For your staff, OhWaiter offers pre-programed replies, such as ‘Confirmed’ or ‘Need Clarification’ available at the touch of a button.

Safe Contactless Ordering

OhWaiter lets guests use their trusted phone — there’s no need for them to touch or use a shared device.

QR-enabled Signage

The OhWaiter QR codes make it fast & simple for customers to start texting you their orders. One scan of a QR code & they’re ready to order.

Real-Time Alerts

OhWaiter improves service since your guests are never left waiting. They hate waiting!

Improved Service

Leading to better reviews, more business, more tips, less turn-over and better profit margins.

Increased Sales

Provide customers the ability to order on-demand and capture that 2nd or 3rd round of cocktails.

Increased Efficiency

Leading to lower labor costs and better profit margins.

Improved Insights

Improved understanding of what your guests want with weekly OhWaiter usage reports.

Perfect for restaurants, bars, hotels, coffee shops, patios, bowling alleys, venues, stadiums and more!

Free Menu QR Code

  • 100% Contactless Digital Menu
  • Real-Time Menu Updates
  • Manage One Menu
  • Up and Running in Minutes
  • No Commercials

Text for Service Platform

starting at $149/month
  • Includes one system set up with tablet
  • One round of Signage 
  • Unlimited monthly messaging 
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • 24/7 Priority Support
  • Additional Tablets $25 per month 
  • Cell Enabled tablets $30 per month 
  • Additional Systems are $100 per month