Enhancing the dining experience through innovation.
Oh Waiter is a technology solution that connects guests and staff more efficiently than ever before.


Better Business
We help lower your labor costs by increasing server efficieny, provide service analytics which help you manage your team better and enhance guests dining experience leading to better bottom line performance.
Better System
Our platform creates superior communication between your guests, servers and management, which saves time & energy for everyone. Time saved is money in the bank for you!
Better Service
Our platform improves the performance of your staff. No more rubber necking and waiting to beckon a server, just hit the button and service comes when your guests want it, allowing them to focus on their conversation.
Better Reviews
Our platform will lead to happier guests and higher reviews ensuring a consistent experience accross your entire brand.
Here's how it works.
We will easily help your business get up and running with our technology.
You get complete management control to customize your customer and staff experience.
Your customers and staff easily sign up and use their mobile device.
Drive profit by utilizing your restaurant analytics and ratings.
Oh Waiter has allowed me improve my staffs workflow on the floor which keeps my customers happy, even while reducing my labor costs.
- Jonathan Chu, The Independence
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